La Mala Educación

This last week I’ve been trying to see the rainbow at the end of the shitstorm. Support has been key. Last Monday a woman from the now infamous summer camp company which fired us for being gay called me screaming, threatening to sue me for my last blog entry. The company had been bombarded with a flood of e-mails and calls from our friends and strangers, telling them that what they had done was illegal and repulsive.

“You’re a liar! You have no proof. Take down your blog or we will take legal action,” the camp director’s wife yelled at me. I, of course, haven’t done anything illegal. The fact that she was so angry, so rude and so unapologetic was at first bothersome, but then I was proud that we had received such support and happy that the company had heard the messages from people around the world.

It’s incredible that adults in a professional setting resort to screaming, threatening and lying to cover up their mistakes. Their hypocrisy is overwhelming. Why wasn’t the straight couple at the camp fired? They claim religion and high moral standards cause them to disapprove of our lifestyle, but they have broken the law and lied about it. What does the Bible have to say about that?

Why wasn’t the straight couple fired?

Their reaction post-firing us for being lesbians reminds me of teaching 4-year-olds. When little Irene cut off chunks of her curls a few weeks ago and shoved them under a table, she at first claimed it wasn’t her hair. Similarly, the camp director claimed he didn’t care we were gay; it was someone else who had a problem with us. When Irene couldn’t deny any longer that the curls came from her frizzy head, she said Macarena was the one who gave her the scissors and told her to cut. When the camp director couldn’t deny his reason for firing us, he said the conservative “señor” from Barcelona was the one who told him to fire us. Macarena denied wrongdoing and Irene screamed, “You’re a liar!” The camp director’s wife screamed those very same words to me.

Even children, however, act in a more responsible way than these adults. Preschoolers usually end up admitting their faults, perhaps teary-eyed, apologizing and accepting their punishments, after all we remind them that they are “big kids” and they don’t want to return to the baby class.

Maybe the education system failed the directors of this summer camp. Maybe they missed out on having a teacher to teach them kindness, responsibility and honesty. Maybe, just maybe, they would have had a teacher like that if she hadn’t been fired for being gay.


3 thoughts on “La Mala Educación

  1. Yvonne says:

    Well said 🙂

  2. Gilbert Scorse says:

    No hay buen educacion sin Vettie. You go sweetie! “Well said” is right. As always religion turns out to be the culprit. New Spanish inquisition dispensing rightiousness to the those that don’t deify PAPA no doubt.

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