Mañana Never Comes

In Latin culture and in Spain too, they have a special concept of “mañana.” If you don’t take out the trash today, no worries, you can do it mañana. If you don’t write your blog post today, you’ll do it tomorrow.

My first year in Spain, I had a bit of anxiety making the choice to stay another year or go back to the States. I sang to myself, “Should I stay or should I go now? If I stay…” I hadn’t acquired the Spanish skill to relax the American plan-happy part of my brain into going with the flow. But as one year turned into two, and then into three, four, and now five, at some point I gained the power of postponing my return to America until mañana.

For a while, I was even using the F word — “forever.” “I think I could stay here forever,” I would say on a typically sunny day while sitting on a terrace.

Now, with one month left in Madrid and two left in Spain, it seems that “mañana” is sneaking up on me.


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