Madrid is Gay





Last year, D.C. had one of its biggest Capital Prides ever — 250,000 people. That sounds pretty gay, until you realize that 2 million people were waving rainbows at Madrid’s Orgullo.

There’s a reason why Madrid’s pride is so big — the city is really gay. The whole neighborhood of Chueca is dedicated to gays, and a little to lesbians. Gays and lesbians have been getting married here since 2005. And society in general seems to accept, or at least not reject, the big homo population (66 percent supported the same-sex law, and that was 7 years ago).

Maybe, after Obama, I will be the next gay superhero.

A couple days ago, Obama said he supported gay marriage. Two steps forward. But a few days ago North Carolina prohibited gay civil unions and marriage. One step back. I can’t help thinking that moving to the States is like taking a step back in terms of my acceptance and rights.

I came out of the armario here, and I now take it for granted that I have the right and won’t be harassed walking hand-in-hand down the street with my girlfriend. That’s just one more thing I won’t know what to expect of in my own country.

I will expect my rights to be few, however. I’ll just have to keep hoping that there will be more days that will feel as good as Obama’s “coming out” day and fewer like North Carolina’s amendment day.


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