From the Land of Jeans

Our closets are filled with plaid button-down shirts, jeans, wife-beaters, stripes and T-shirts: to sum it up, a lesbian wardrobe. In Spain, this isn’t a problem. My girlfriend goes to work everyday as a teacher in a nice Catholic school in the same uniform — jeans, T-shirt, beanie, hoodie and Converse. I dress up, making sure I choose the jeans without holes in the knees, but I stopped ironing months ago.

Professional (and conservative) American culture would never allow this, of course. So, we have to make some changes. Less plaid, and more stripes. No jeans. Dandy shoes instead of Converse. Remove facial piercings. My girlfriend Amie has her first Skype interview in a few minutes, and she is looking more professional than I have ever seen her, at least from the waist up.


2 thoughts on “From the Land of Jeans

  1. Amie says:

    And just like that, minutes after the Skype interview was over, I was back in my Converse! 🙂

  2. your favorite puta says:

    is that puta in her bragas below the waist?!

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